• junior akram pedia series 1

Junior Akrampedia Series - 1 (Trimantra)

The basic understanding of Akram Vignan (spiritual science) is explained through activities in the Junior Akrampedia series. This first edition is all about the Trimantra. It is a fun way for children to understand the Trimantra and its importance.

Rs 15.00


Our fun little mascot, ‘Migo’ accompanies children on their journey to learn all about the Trimantra. Children often ask questions like, “What is the meaning of the Trimantra? Why should I say it? How should I recite it?…” and much more. Junior Akrampedia is filled with answers to these and many other questions, using Dadashri’s simple and effective understanding. This attractive activity book is filled with knowledge that will easily trickle into your child as s/he plays along. Migo awaits your child to begin with the meaning of, “Namo Arihantanam…”

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