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52 cards in a pack but what an exciting way to play! Collect the cards you need to uncover secret messages. Easy to carry and play anywhere anytime!

Rs 35.00


This game develops your childs reading skills, vocabulary and ability to complete sentences. Your child will love to play this game with friends. The game keeps your child engaged in fun and impactful learning until the end. Decipher thirteen wonderful spiritual quotes for children aged 7 and up. The quotes impart Dadashri's spiritual knowledge that a child can understand and is picked from Dadashris spiritual books. Each card holds part of a quote and the child has to guess the quote and gather the remaining cards to complete the quote. The completed quote, if applied practically, solves day to day problems. Easy to carry around, this pack of cards can be played anywhere , anytime. The quotes have different messages about God, happiness, serving elders, the importance of forgiveness, the results of lying and lot lot more. An easy and fun way to nurture values in your child.

Content - 52 cards, 4 clown cards, 1 Aptsutra card

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