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Fault Is Of The Sufferer (In Oriya)

If a person suffers, it is because of his own mistakes.



If a person suffers, it is because of his own mistakes. If a person enjoys happiness, it is the reward of his good deeds. But the law of the world is such that it accuses the nimit (the apparent 'doer' - person who inflicts the suffering). God's law, the Real Law, catches the real culprit. This law is exact and no one can ever change it. There is no law in this world that can inflict suffering upon anyone, not even the law of the government. Whenever we have to endure suffering when there is no apparent fault on our part, we feel hurt and we repeatedly question why me ? Where am I wrong? Who is at fault? Is it the fault of the robber or the one who was robbed? If you want to know who is at fault in this world, find the one who suffers. What are the causes behind your suffering? Param Pujya Dadashri (master of spiritual science) gives the essence of all the scriptures and tells you exactly how nature's justice works in the book 'The fault is of the sufferer'.

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