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Fundamentals of Spiritual Science (Set of 8 Books)

Spirituality is the only solution for all the sufferings of humans in the present day materialistic world. And that is why there is hardly any sense of importance in his mind to attain salvation in the current human life, as whenever he thinks about life beyond this life he generally finds his focus upon the Karmic next-life and not the eternal life.

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This is a set of books where simple spiritual concepts are discussed to solve your worldly problems. Ask yourself questions like …..Why is your life the way it is? How do your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect your perception of the world around you? How does this perception influence your power, and therefore affect your state of inner peace? Why is personal relationship between husband and wife, parents and children and others worsening?

These problems manifest in forms of depression, anxiety, tension etc. These problems have further been precipitated due to lust, greed, desire and tendency to acquire as much material and wealth in order to establish ones identity in this competitive world.

Spirituality is the only solution for all the sufferings of humans in the present day materialistic world. And that is why there is hardly any sense of importance in his mind to attain salvation in the current human life, as whenever he thinks about life beyond this life he generally finds his focus upon the Karmic next-life and not the eternal life.

1) Adjust everywhere

Do we complain when a sewer stinks? In the same manner people who are disagreeable and negative are like the sewers. Whatever smells unpleasant, we call it a sewer and whatever smells pleasant we call it a flower. Adjust to both. Both situations are telling you, 'Become Vitraag (beyond attachment and abhorrence or detached) with us."

We all have adjusted to disagreeable circumstances many times in our lives. For instance, we use an umbrella when it rains. We do not question, argue or resist rain. Likewise, whether we enjoy studying or not, we have to adjust and study. However, when it comes to disagreeable people, we somehow tend not to just question, argue and resist, often we end up in a conflict. Why is this so? Param Pujya Dadashri (master of spiritual science) has revealed 'ADJUST EVERYWHERE' as the ultimate understanding to help cope with constantly changing circumstances and preventing conflicts resulting to peace and happiness. This simple yet powerful phrase has the power to change your life,… read on to learn how.

2) Avoid clashes

The clashes in daily life need to be resolved. Why do we want to spoil everything through conflicts? This simply does not suit us. People abide by traffic laws, which are strict regulations. They don't drive according to their own interpretations, do they? Because they abide by traffic regulations, they are spared from accidents. Likewise, in your daily life you must follow the laws that prevent clashes. Clashes occur because you follow your own laws and interpretations. When people obey the traffic laws there are no difficulties with the way traffic runs. If you apply the same rule with this understanding to your daily interactions, you will never run into difficulties again. The problems arise because of your own limited interpretations of the laws of life. There is a fundamental error in understanding the laws of life. The one who explains these laws must have a thorough experience of these laws.

Read further to understand why conflicts occur, what are the types of conflict, how to avoid conflicts in relationships and find remedy for conflict free life which will help transform your mindset into a more positive one. The aim is to fill your life with peace and joy and help anchor you to walk the path of spirituality more firmly and thus attain ultimate liberation (Moksha).

3) Fault is of the sufferer

If a person suffers, it is because of his own mistakes. If a person enjoys happiness, it is the reward of his good deeds. But the law of the world is such that it accuses the nimit (the apparent 'doer' - person who inflicts the suffering). God's law, the Real Law, catches the real culprit. This law is exact and no one can ever change it. There is no law in this world that can inflict suffering upon anyone, not even the law of the government.

Whenever we have to endure suffering when there is no apparent fault on our part, we feel hurt and we repeatedly question why me ? Where am I wrong?

Who is at fault? Is it the fault of the robber or the one who was robbed? If you want to know who is at fault in this world, find the one who suffers. What are the causes behind your suffering?

Param Pujya Dadashri (master of spiritual science) gives the essence of all the scriptures and tells you exactly how nature's justice works in the book 'The fault is of the sufferer'.

4) Whatever happens is justice

If you say that whatever happens is justice, you will remain without any questions. People however, are out to look for justice and desire liberation as well. This is a contradiction. You cannot have both. Where questions end, liberation begins. In this science of ours, called Akram Vignan (the step less knowledge of the self) there remains no questions. That is why it is so easy for people to follow.

Param Pujya Dadashri (master of spiritual science) has given the extraordinary discovery to the world that there is never any injustice in this world. Whatever has happened is justice. Nature has never deviated from justice. Nature is not a person or a God who is under any influences. Nature means scientific circumstantial evidences. So many circumstances have to be right for a task to be accomplished.

5) Who am I ?

There is more to life than just living. There has to be more to life than to just live. There should be a higher purpose in life. The purpose of life is to come to the real answer of ‘Who am I?’ This is the unanswered question of infinite previous lives. The missing links of the search for ‘Who am I?’ are now being provided through the words of the Gnani Purush (The One who is completely Self-Realized).

These words are edited for the purpose of comprehension. Who am I? What am I not? Who is the Self? What is mine? What is not mine? What is bondage? What is Moksha (liberation)? Is there a God? What is God? Who is the ‘doer’ in the world? Is God the ‘doer’ or not? What is the real nature of God? What is the nature of the real ‘doer’ in this world? Who runs the world? How does it function? What is the real nature of illusion? Whatever one knows is it real or is it an illusion? Will one become free or remain bound with the knowledge one has?

This book will give the precise understanding of the truth behind these questions.

6) Worries

Work gets spoiled with worries, this is a law of nature. Freedom from worries improves work. Learned and well-to-do people suffer from higher levels of stress and worries. Comparatively, laborers do not worry and they sleep well, while their bosses have to take sleeping pills. Those who worry lose their wealth.

Here is a small example in Param Pujya Dadashri (master of spiritual science) words, as to how did he bring an end to his worries when he suffered loss in business.

"At one time our business suffered a loss. This was before Gnan (before self realization). At the time, I kept worrying and was restless all night long. Then I received the answer from within. Who else is worried at this moment because of this loss? I felt that my partner might not be worrying at this moment. I found that I was the only one worrying. Although my wife and children are all sharers or partners, they do not know what is going on. Now, they don't even know and yet things are working along fine for them. I am the only fool who is worried. When others, who are my partners, are not worrying, why should I be the one to carry all the load of worry?"

What is worry? Thoughts are not a problem. When one gets emotionally embroiled in thoughts, worries start.

One can stop worrying if one understands the true knowledge of who is the doer….read on and be free of worry....

7) Brahamcharya : celibacy with right understanding

Do you like to steal? Do you like to tell lies? Do you like to kill? Then what is there in sex that one likes it? It is just due to wrong belief. Others have said that’s why you also believe that sex will lead to bliss, but it’s not the truth.

Think neutrally, does any of your senses like it? Do the eyes like it? Do the ears like it when they hear it? And does it taste sweet if the tongue licks it? The nose must really like it right? None of the senses like it.

One should identify what are the consequences of sex and what are benefits of practicing celibacy/Brahmacharya. In just one sexual act even with one’s lawful partner, millions of life forms die. And having sex with someone other than one's own married partner is a cause to go to hell.

Everyone agrees that celibacy/brahmacharya should be practiced. But how should it be done? No one has ever shown the way.

In this book, you will find a precise and clear road map on how to practice celibacy. People will be shocked to read the horrors of current and future dangers of sexuality and would say, 'We never knew this!'

8) Right understanding to help others; Benevolence

The deepest science behind this is that when one uses his mind, speech and body for serving others, he or she will have everything; he or she would never be short of material comforts and worldly happiness. Religion begins with an obliging nature. Happiness begins from the moment you do something for others.

The purpose of human life is to break this bondage of life after life and for attaining eternal liberation (moksha) from bondage of karma. It is for the purpose of becoming the 'Absolute'-fully enlightened; to acquire Self-realization. And if one does not get the opportunity to attain the knowledge of Self-realization, then he should live for others.

Param Pujya Dadashri's (master of spiritual science) main goal in life was to give happiness to all who met him. He never thought about his own happiness. He was always looking for ways to ease other people's miseries. That is why reason compassion and the extraordinary, divine, spiritual science of "Akram Vignan" (the step less knowledge of the self) manifested within him.

Read on to gain the right understanding to help others and achieve happiness…

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