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Neel-2: The Real Victory

In this series, Neel experiences jealousy and competitiveness with his class mate Rohan and he solves the situation with Dadashri's gnan.

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This is a series of books that brings to life the journey of a boy called Neel as he goes through youth with his friends. The series depicts the mental changes as well as the emotional and physical transformations and resulting puzzles and perplexities experienced at every stage, starting from childhood all the way to adolescence.

Param Pujya Dadashri (the master of spiritual science) always used to maintain that, “Today’s generation is an extremely healthy minded one. They are straight forward and frank. They are devoid of any attachments, but merely seek worldly pleasures. They need a guide. When we will turn them around, everything will become ‘alright’. It does not take long to inculcate cultural values within them.”

Keeping Param Pujya Dadashri’s above statement in mind, a beautiful short story has been presented here which depicts the incidents that a teenager experiences in everyday life. In the story, the characters have sometimes been shown trapped and sometimes confused. At times they have been shown to come through safely and at times they have also been shown to get caught up on the wrong track. The good-bad consequences of this as well as how they overcame each of these incidents using Param Pujya Dadashri’s lucid and amazing understanding, have been artistically described in these books.

In this book….

Rohan, a brilliant new student was in the same class as Neel this year. With Rohan now in the picture, Neel started having trouble at school. He began to experience emotions like jealousy and competitiveness. This affected his relationship with his teachers, friends and classmates.

On hearing Rohan’s results, Neel felt extremely happy that ‘I am confident I will rank first’. Thinking ‘I shall definitely get at least 90 %’, he eagerly awaited his result. Just then his number was called out. He broadened his chest and got up. The teacher said, “Neel has failed.” Neel let out a cry, “fail?”…and he fainted. He collapsed onto the ground.

What does Neel do to get out of this situation? How does he overcome his weaknesses to become a better person?...

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