• Picture of Neel-1: The Treasure of Happiness

Neel-1: The Treasure of Happiness

In this series, Neel is in the 7th grade. During his vacation he meets Dada for the very first time. After this meeting his life takes a different turn.

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This is a series of books that depicts the incidents in the life of an awe-inspiring person, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel. Motivated by a higher level of understanding and moral values, he eventually became the extraordinary the ‘Atma Gnani’ (Enlightened one) Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, who changed the world order of spiritualism.

In the third book, incidents showing Ambalal’s great insight in all matters are portrayed. “Why did this happen?...Why did it happen to me?” etc While trying to find practical solutions to these questions, we often see the faults of others, blame each other, argue and insist on our own viewpoint. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we learned how to find solutions in a scientific way? Then…the whole world will appear faultless! This is the true art of living that can be learned from Ambalal’s experiences in this book.

The book shows his incredible capability of reasoning out day-to-day regular incidents, where all such reasoning were supported by scientific analysis.

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