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Two in One Board Game

Another exciting GIANT two-in-one game for kids and youth. In both games, kids will get an opportunity to win against ‘Kashays’ (inner hidden enemies of anger, pride, deceit and greed). They will get an understanding of real nature of ‘kashays’ and the right keys of ‘gnan’ (real knowledge) to apply in order to overcome those ‘kashays’. In both games, eventually the players become free from this worldly maze, reach Mahavideh Kshetra and ultimately attain the state of ‘Moksh’ (liberation).

Rs 60.00


In the game, ‘Trip to Mahavideh’, the players will have to undertake a journey from Bharat Kshetra to Mahavideh Kshetra, a paradise full of bliss, and reach their goal – Lord Simandhar Swami, through whose ‘darshan’ one will attain ‘Moksh’ (liberation). There are 18 space stations (‘kashays’) in this game and player has to select three ‘kashay’ cards which they wish to overcome, and select an appropriate path to reach Simandhar Swami, in Mahavideh Kshetra. While passing through the selected path one will learn about the nature of ‘kashays’. Once he passes all three stations, he will receive a “Ticket to Mahavideh’ and will reign as the winner. The colorful game board will attract kids of all ages to play and at the same time enhance their spiritual knowledge – as they learn to recognize their inner enemies (‘kashays’) and how they act as hindrances to the path of ultimate liberation.

‘Game of Karma’, is a fun learning game for kids where they discover not only about right and wrong behavior in their day to day life but also solutions which help them to towards ‘Moksh’. There are four homes of different colors, which represent the ‘Karmabhumi’. Players have to move forward, out of their home and reach their destination of ‘Moksh’. On their journey, they will discover the results of their karmas i.e. if they do good karmas they move ahead and if they do bad karmas they move backwards and in this way they reach to Moksh.

Are you ready to begin your journey to overcome ‘kashays’? On your marks, Get set, Go!!

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